HTML (XHTML) Tutorials

What is HTML (XHTML)? and What is CSS?

In simple terms, HTML is the structure of content, CSS controls how the content is visually displayed and XHTML is HTML that conforms to the XML standard.

Introduction to HTML (XHTML)
Get started learning HTML (XHTML) with our easy to follow text and video tutorials.

(X)HTML Link Tutorials
Learn what a hyperlink is, how to create text and image hyperlinks, how to open hyperlinks in a new web browser window and how to link to different parts of a web page.

(X)HTML List Tutorials
Learn how to create un-ordered and ordered lists in (X)HTML.

(X)HTML Image Tutorials
Learn how to insert images into web pages.

(X)HTML Form Tutorials
Forms enable users of your web page(s) to send information to you or a specified applications or scripts that can process the submitted data. Learn how to create forms and form elements.

(X)HTML Table Tutorials
Tables are meant to present data in rows and columns. Learn how to create tables.

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